REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Smokin Grooves – LA 3/19/2022

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Smokin Grooves – LA 3/19/2022

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15 Responses

  1. trippy_trappy says:

    This is crazy! Stacked from top to bottom

  2. ferncaz95 says:

    The conflicts are going to be horrendous 😭

  3. Staylucidtrippin says:

    Ya this is wassap

  4. Champaganthony says:

    This is as stacked as you can get. Neo Soul artists, both new and old. All the food groups are represented!

  5. bigguytoo9 says:

    Saw Miguel open for Alicia Keys once and it was amazing. Flying Lotus and Kamasi are UNMISSIBLE at this fest for anyone going.

  6. TheA41 says:

    The billings seem weird. Dead Prez and Talib Kweli third to last row?

  7. thequietthingsthat says:

    Makes me wish I lived in LA

  8. g_mcgee says:

    Hiatus. Kaiyote.

  9. Mylee23 says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever see a lineup in the US that’s made me fully in awe, this will be amazing!

  10. alexBrsdy says:

    Kweli, slum village and dead prez


  11. djmatt518 says:


  12. BuleRendang says:

    I’m going but DAMN ticket prices have gotten expensive. $255 after fees regular GA

  13. martymartymartymarty says:

    Any one else feel like the free nationals are waaaayyy to low on that poster?

  14. coolbreeze1990 says:

    Saw Erykah Badu recently and she didn’t play


    Might have to come just to see that lmao god she’s so magical

  15. Hk0203 says:

    How is all this goodness on one day??

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