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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Rolling Loud (California) 2021

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Rolling Loud (California) 2021

Rolling Loud (California) 2021

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12 Responses

  1. titfaced says:

    Half of them don’t show

  2. Lafayette-De-Marquis says:

    Why are people booking Chris brown? Isn’t he a woman beater? I’m not gonna support someone like that.

  3. almondania says:



  4. See5harp says:

    It’s hilarious how most festivals like Coachella and primavera are trying to actually book women and increase diversity and then you have rolling loud. I love rap music but man what a shitty fest.

  5. thatsvagtastic says:

    Anyone planning on going to this , watch your phones . The NOS phone thief’s will be out in fulllll force .

  6. noobcola says:

    Don’t leave anything valuable in your car if you park there lmaooo

  7. Days_12 says:

    Hella bumped they replaced Bay Area just for a single Cali fest 🤧

  8. JonesinForAHosin says:

    I really enjoy hip hop, but I just couldn’t imagine doing a full festival of JUST hip hop shows. Shout out to those who will though, a lot of people will have a good weekend here.

  9. GoldenBass says:

    I could not imagine a festival with only rap music. Holy shit that must be terrible

  10. PugsAndDubs007 says:

    Shiiiiiiit best believe ima be vibing during his set

  11. manjotars says:

    This looks like shit. They would have to pay me to attend.

  12. WhiteX6 says:

    Yikes $350 no thanks…. was fun in Miami in 2018 tho. never seen so many titties out at a concert than Juicy J and Rick Ross back to back lmao

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