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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Post your favorite festival of all time. Coachella 2004. I saw 23 shows in 2 days

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Post your favorite festival of all time. Coachella 2004. I saw 23 shows in 2 days

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  1. lexgamesmode says:

    Okee 2016 Lineup went dummy

  2. union--thug says:

    This was a fun one! Pixies—>Radiohead—>kraftwerk was perfect.

  3. The killers at the veryyy bottom is comical. Major headliner vibes nowadays

  4. dautjazz says:

    Desert Trip (2016) – Had a VIP table, it was absolutely amazing!
    – Fri: Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones
    – Sat: Neil Young and Paul McCartney (guest Rhianna)
    – Sun: The Who and Roget Waters

    Lollapolooza Argentina (2019) – Ridiculous lineup! Crowds in Argentina are the best.
    – Fri: Twenty One Pilots, Post Malone, Rufus du Sol, Years & Years, Rosalia, Steve Aoki, Interpol, Bring Me to the Horizon, Portugal the Man, ZHU, etc.
    – Sat: Arctic Monkeys, Sam Smith, Tiesto, The 1975, Macklemore, Fito Paez, Foals, St Vincent, etc.
    – Sun: Kendrick Lamar, Lenny Kravitz, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Odesza, Greta Van Fleet, Snow Patrol, Jorja Smith, Kungs, Fisher, etc.

  5. Garth_W00kz says:

    Electric Forest 2015, i took my 60 yr old mom with me to see her favorite artist, she passed away less than a yr after,,, it meant so much to me because she’s the one that got me into EDM. She used to play Kraftwerk, and was SUPER into house music,, and also encouraged me to go to raves, and taught me how to rave responsibly. The whole weekend was amazing, and being able to experience that with her is something I’ll never forget 💜

    2nd runner up is Paradiso 19,, seeing Skrillex at the Gorge,, openly sobbing during a Getter set when he dropped my favorite song from the Visceral album, and being embraced and loved on by total strangers that were feeling the exact same way, vibing out to Zhu, and seeing i_0 for the last time 😭, while tripping on Acid with a severe concussion,, it was a magical weekend, and a proper send off for Paradiso 🙏🏾

  6. GOTV Bridgeport….2007-2010 wild shit

  7. How was the AIR set?

  8. Boolin_Beans says:

    In terms of raw lineup it’s probably Okeechobee 2016. That lineup was bananas.

    In terms of greatest lineup becoming an experience: Counterpoint 2012.

    Honorable mention because it never happened… Bonnaroo 2020. I still believe that was the greatest lineup I have ever seen

  9. Sometimes I forget how good Coachella used to be.

  10. [Life is Beautiful 2017 still the best non-Coachella festival I’ve ever attended](https://images.app.goo.gl/uMfEu9jdbCxg6iuV7)

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