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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Pitchfork Music Festival Lineup

Pitchfork Music Festival Lineup

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  1. PsychotropicTraveler says:

    Flylo AND Thundercat? Daaaam son

  2. gimmedatjuice says:

    **SUNDAY** if Badu actually shows up is worth whatever the price.

    Hell I might actually have to go back to Illinois for this.

  3. MgZIA says:

    oh man i would love to see animal collective live

  4. Marcusvinyl says:

    Animal collective 😭

  5. TodayHurrah says:

    Hoping the Canada / US border is open by then. I will be fully vaccinated two days before the festival starts so this would make a perfect travel trip.

  6. jman457 says:

    Phoebe is already headliner status? This line-up seems very full

  7. CloudCuckoo18 says:

    Has anyone done the Plus ticket before? Worth it? I am bummed that it doesn’t gave a small pit section rather than the elevated viewing platform.

  8. RayzfoDayz says:

    First time I’ve heard of this festival. What genre is this?

  9. apocolyptictodd says:

    Danny Brown isn’t considered a headliner?

  10. ColonelGibberish says:


  11. Automatic_Active1494 says:

    Awesome lineup

  12. See5harp says:

    Never done the plus before, but this has always been one of my favorite fests. The cost is just so decent compared to bigger fests and you used to get the chance of seeing someone huge play at a relatively small festival.

  13. smoooo says:

    Wow, excellent.

  14. CaptainKurtG says:


  15. fa7hom says:

    I highly recommend checking out DEHD if you’ve never heard them before

  16. ideamotor says:

    The fiery furnaces. What. The. Fuck.

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