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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Outside Lands (2021)

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Outside Lands (2021)

Outside Lands (2021)

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6 Responses

  1. BurberryToothbrush says:

    Tame Impala, The Strokes, Tyler the Creator, Vampire Weekend, Young Thug, Khruangbin, Polo & Pan, Parcels… wow, this is a dream lineup

  2. KungFu_Kenny says:

    Did not expect kehlani or thugger to headline

  3. 16ozlatte says:

    Amazing lineup, very solid undercard as well

  4. Def_Your_Duck says:

    How likely is it scamp gets canceled?

  5. cameronisokay says:

    hot take: this is good.

  6. mikewinsdaly says:

    Too good! Looks like they moved the same 2020 lineup we saw leaked on their site to next year, very glad they did!

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