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Okeechobee Festival Lineup

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27 Responses

  1. This is pretty dope but cross country plane tickets are like waaaayyyy too expensive.

    Might have to think about it though because I love this lineup.

  2. rollanballs says:

    WOW Mall Grab on a US lineup, that’s nice to see

  3. Does anyone know the general cost range for okee? Never gone but I need to catch Odesza again

  4. sciandg01 says:

    Damn next year might have to be my first okee

  5. Big Boi not being a headliner is crazy.

    This undercard is actually an insane mix.

    Techno & House, DnB, all kinds of Bass music, a few great bands, and more!

  6. almondania says:

    Jesus christ that’s good. Doesn’t feel like a single “forced” big name, they’re all really good.

  7. ArthursFist says:

    Good, but the worst year for Okeechobee’s standards. I went the first 4 years, each year has gotten worse. It’s still a great fest, but I prefer spending my money elsewhere.

  8. Egocom says:

    They really said fuck the hippies this year, hell yeah

  9. ToastyBoyxd says:

    Really not getting the hype for this. The undercard is kind of good, but these comments are acting like it’s the best fest lineup thats ever happened. Barely breaking 50% of the lineups for 2022. Mid imo.

  10. trippeeB says:

    Very lackluster especially considering how good this year’s lineup was.

  11. Aside from Odesza (whose just been away for a few years) and Earth, Wind, and Fire, seems like the same artists that play all the major fests year after year.

  12. djcigs says:

    Old man yelling at a cloud but would it have killed you to crop the lineup picture lol

    why is truth on the bottom section? anyways, we are truly in the age of mid-sized multi genre fests not having true “headliners” but rather a top “section”

  13. Wow this is unreal. Take my money

  14. bubblepop12 says:

    Crazy how much better this lineup would be if it was Outkast, Odessa, EW&F as the headliners. GRiZ, Excision, Goose are all subliners not real headliners. Adding a name like Broken Bells, Durand Jones, Portugal The Man, wild be a big boost to the undercard as well imo

  15. the_pedigree says:

    Huge whiff imo. But great for casual concert goers.

  16. I need to see if I can get time off work for this. Are scalper prices crazy?

  17. Do you have to camp? Is there lodging around at all?

  18. sooshi_wolf says:

    The diversity of people at this festival is one for the books

  19. DamnsonDam says:

    Biig piig was amazing at boomtown, wish I could go to this to see her again🥲

  20. I miss the 2020 lineup when they had a ton of underground bass and 140 dub (Ivy Lab, Caspa, Supertask, Eazybaked, G-Space, Yheti, ToadFace, Mersiv, Tipper, G jones, Bassnectar: can’t top that lineup imo

  21. Absolutely love Griz he’s my .#1 artist but he’s on EVERY lineup and already does like 8 currated events a year. I wish he would take some time off. The sets the past 1.5 years are so similar minus a few VIP edits

  22. Anyone philly peep going?

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