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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS New Zealand’s got it on

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS New Zealand’s got it on

New Zealand’s got it on

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10 Responses

  1. ShroomProphet says:

    About to get droned not posting the drop.

  2. rastacheech420 says:

    Thanks for cutting the drop sounded like it was gonna be good

  3. Pikeslayer_69 says:

    Fuckin wish bro

  4. LSDsavedmylife says:

    This should make me sad but it actually gives me hope that we will eventually get through this thing. Hang in there y’all

  5. No-Spoilers says:

    I fucking miss raves

  6. averagealexxx says:


  7. mmmountaingoat says:

    Titan- Andromedik

  8. geardog32 says:

    Land of the free!!!….. Uh…. What….

  9. MediumOk3634 says:

    I mean I could tell u that it was happening before trump but u might not believe me haha

  10. themexi says:

    they realize that a virus with a 99.5% survival rate isn’t something to be scared about😳

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