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Hi! I’m looking to speak with music festival attendees about festival apps. I’m a student completing a user experience design capstone project and would like to study designing ONE comprehensive app that festival attendees could use across multiple events, rather than download separate apps for each event/festival.

If you are interested and willing to lend me 30 minutes of your time, I’d love to schedule a 30 minute virtual call to interview you for this project. Your insight would be super helpful!

Reply here or DM me and we can set something up this week. Thank you!

**EDIT: Thanks for the feedback so far! If you have 5 minutes to share your thoughts with me via this survey, I’d really appreciate that too! [https://forms.gle/XUxud9jKbTyJRTeb7](https://forms.gle/XUxud9jKbTyJRTeb7)

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  1. What is the goal of your app? To provide set times, maps, etc in one place? There’s an app called Radiate that’s used for festivals and raves.

  2. Radiate gets weird, mate.

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