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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Let’s talk about Cave Fest next weekend…

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Peach was beyond impressive but this is the festival of the year imo, especially at only $99 a ticket with camping included. Gorgeous amphitheater in the mountains and music below in the Caverns as well. Why isn’t anyone talking about it? Check it out!! I’m going solo because it’s a must-see event and would love to chat and meet people ahead of time who are also planning to attend.

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  1. The Caverns is such a wonderful, well ran venue. I just went to Voyage and I recommend that any show here is worth seeing.

  2. That’s going to be phenomenal.

  3. GR8FUL-D says:

    Solid line-up & amazing value @ $99 including camping!

  4. What kind of music is this? I go to a lot of festivals of all kinds and don’t know any of these people and I hurt my own feelings lol. I need put on!

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