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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Has anyone been to Snowbombing Festival before? Interested to know what it’s like

Has anyone been to Snowbombing Festival before? Interested to know what it’s like

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  1. ninjaroach says:

    Krafty Kuts just posted earlier today that it’s one of his favorite fests in the world, up with Shambala, Glastonbury and Boomtown.

  2. Staylucidtrippin says:

    holy shit that is fire

  3. MeansNoWorries says:

    nah but that’s a nice lineup

  4. b_coolhunnybunny says:

    Kurupt FM!!! I didn’t know they actually preformed together!! Ahhh

  5. WookOnlyFansLouielou says:

    No but now that I know these exits I need to go to one this year !!!

  6. OZZ-ZZO says:

    Damn, it’s like techno Austria minus zero…

  7. MachineGunChunk says:

    I went 3 years running 2012-14 and it was awesome. Its toward the end of the season so one year the snow was a little thin but won’t stop you going up the mountain. People were cool, the venues are great (Forrest & Igloo were highlights). Overall a great festival

  8. PartyRightNextDoor says:

    Bicep? That the dude from the Rittenhouse trial? Lmao

  9. Egocom says:

    Looks fat as fuck tbh, god damn what a stacked lineup

  10. SendjaminFranklin says:

    How is bicep live?

  11. FinancialIdiot70 says:

    Great line up, would love to go to this

  12. Ok-Alarm363 says:

    Thanks for the replies. I’ve never been skiing but have always wanted to go, saw this insane line up and I am seriously considering going.

    For those of you that don’t know, in order to book the ticket you have to book accommodation through the festival. The cheapest accommodation and ticket package is around £500/pp for a week and then slope access and hire for skis, boots poles etc is an additional £400circa.

    Would like to hear from people that have attended in terms of spending when there and what is provided.

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