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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Festive Owl on Twitter reports TS is out of pretty much every big 2022 festival.

Festive Owl on Twitter reports TS is out of pretty much every big 2022 festival.

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  1. palmcoconut says:

    “Hearing from multiple high level festival organizers that #TravisScott is being removed from their 2022 lineups, and no event has indicated any interest in booking him again anytime soon.

    To quote a major festival booking agent — “No chance he ever steps on our stage again.”


  2. jenjensexypants says:

    Like I said good fucking luck trying to get anyone to insure such an event ever again. He’s fucked. He’s a walking liability now.

  3. JumboDonuts says:


  4. bigguytoo9 says:

    Only makes sense! Wouldnt even be surprised if its ROLLING LOUD saying that quote.

  5. DOMISMONEY says:

    Not surprising

  6. DoubleDogDenzel says:

    Damn, Taylor Swift really pissed some people off.

    ^^^I’m ^^^sorry.

  7. projecks15 says:

    People worship that guy like a god

  8. DustyOlBones says:


  9. russianbear28 says:

    Why was his name turned into an acronym

  10. dautjazz says:

    I love Travis Scott’s music, but his shows notorious for getting out of control.

  11. Tahoeclown says:

    And nothing was lost

  12. REDubois14 says:

    Blaming TS for this is like blaming RHCP for the woodstock 99 riots. It’s bigger than one person. Promoters and organizers are legally responsible for such things.

  13. Lucky_Forever says:

    I’d never heard of him before this. Granted I abhor rap music. But 50,000 people is a pretty big show. I had no idea he was so popular. Seems like a real douche.

  14. Rue_Bixcube says:

    I don’t see how this is the performers fault at all. Their job is to preform, they typically can’t even see what’s happening in the audience and they certainly aren’t able to do anything about it. There are security and medical personnel who are supposed to handle that shit. Obviously there weren’t enough. If you’re going to have 50,000 people in one place you damn well better have some crowd control in place, and you better not be cutting corners to save money.

  15. peppelaar-media says:

    Now we need to go after the festival promoters and producers since they never take the responsibility of the issues and try to foisted them off on the artists and festival goers. But this only seems to happen in the US European festival creators take the responsibility

  16. buddah802 says:

    CAnC3L cUlTuRE!!!

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