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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Ezoo Electric Zoo 2023 refunds? Any lawyers familiar?

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How do you guys think we should go about receiving refunds? I had 2 3 day passes. I only got to go to the festival on Saturday and was still delayed 2 hours.

Any lawyers or legal background people know how to go about this? Or what we could have a class action law suit on?

How do i get every dime I deserve from ezoo?

Do the fine prints on their website attatched below mean anything?

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  1. Start with your credit card company.
    Also send an email to the folks running it. Explain what happened and demand a refund. If no reply, put in a formal complaint for internet fraud to the FTC.

  2. GreenSeaNote says:

    Lawyer here, file a chargeback. That’s the quickest and easiest way to get your money back.

    This is a contract of adhesion, a.k.a. an “unconscionable agreement,” as you have no bargaining power to negotiate these terms. In New York and most jurisdictions, these are [not favored by courts](https://nysba.org/the-courts-and-contracts-losing-patience-with-unconscionable-agreements/) as you might assume by the use of the word “unconscionable” to describe them.

    Your bank knows this and won’t give a shit about EZoo’s terms.

  3. av125009 says:

    Within your credit card agreement, one of the categories which falls under disputable transactions is “improperly rendered goods and services” or something similarly worded. If you paid for a show and we’re not provided said service then you have a valid dispute and will most likely be refunded the cost of the ticket(s) by the card issuer. No need to take it any further, it’s easy to dispute a transaction through your banking app, or by phone call if you prefer. Typically your account will be credited immediately and there is little follow up. Sorry that you had to deal with that 🙁

  4. Dancelvr2000 says:

    Go to Ultra Reddit during the hold the money years. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  5. If you accept the refund, you forfeit your right to sue/ class action if it comes down to it.

  6. Waterbear11 says:

    Once aspect could be under the [Illusory promise](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illusory_promise). An example would be: “I *might* sell your car, if you pay me $500”.

    Ezoo T&C:

    >Company reserves the right to … deny access to the Festival site for any reason regardless of the possession of a valid Ticket.

    I also just don’t see a good argument for Ezoo to have 7,000 oversold tickets. The festival capacity is at 42,500, and I understand the argument is that not everyone will be inside the festival area at all times, but it’s not the customer’s fault that a venue oversold tickets. For example, airlines can overbook, but [they’re required](https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/bumping-oversales) to compensate you after involuntarily bumping you from an oversold flight if you fall into these 4 categories:

    * You have a confirmed reservation,
    * You checked-in to your flight on time,
    * You arrived at the departure gate on time, and
    * The airline cannot get you to your destination within one hour of your flight’s original arrival time

  7. errorunknown says:

    Not much you can do, their terms specifically says they can cancel or change the schedule at any time with no compensation. Best chance is a credit card charge back. A lawyer will cost you way more than the cost of the ticket.

  8. ssmatik says:

    I know it’s been suggested by others but can’t stress enough to file the chargeback yesterday! I’ve been through a few of these and what is going to happen very soon is they will be filing bankruptcy and all claims will be frozen. They will then pay Pennie’s on the dollar if at all and many months later. Chargeback now!

  9. What you “deserve” is a refund for the two shows you did not get to attend because of a cancellation on Friday and being denied entry on Sunday. Dispute the charge with your credit card company and you will get what you “deserve”.

  10. Owlcifer says:

    Y’all really this surprised by how shady rave festivals coordinators are?

  11. Don’t go to stupid fucking festivals and you won’t have this problem

  12. switch8000 says:

    FYI, one thing we discovered with Ultra back in 2020, was they tried to change the terms post sale. So def look at [archive.org](https://archive.org) to see if they actually changed the terms at all.

  13. Ballsnmyass says:

    I was able to get a full refund by getting in contact with my credit card company and explained to them what happened and told them I paid for services I didn’t receive, they told to to contact seetickets( the company that sold the tickets) and if they didn’t contact me back after 24 hours they will proceed with the refund in which they did

  14. The_Chuzz says:

    I just called my bank and filed a chargeback, the rep said she’s been getting calls constantly about ezoo

  15. spelly1 says:

    does anyone know what the charge was listed under?

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