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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Elements Festival 2023 in Long Pond, PA

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Elements Festival 2023 in Long Pond, PA

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25 Responses

  1. CrimsonBrit says:

    Never heard of this festival but wow the lineup is right up my ally. Have to consider this

  2. Could the blurred names be deadmau5 and kaskade? seems like a pretty stacked lineup if that ends up being the case.

  3. I like the undercard a lot David Hohme, tinlicker, Qrion, elderbrook, Mersiv. Solid names

  4. Say what you want about Elements but they can throw a lineup together that’s for sure

  5. Wish there were more jam bands

  6. SubjectC says:

    I thought mersiv was persona non Greta

    Edit: It was Mize sorry, similar names

  7. Great lineup, wish they’d move this festival back to Memorial Day weekend. Too close to burning man now for my crew to make it.

  8. AustinP16 says:

    Pretty damn solid!

  9. seahoodie says:

    Tier 1 tickets are going fast! If you haven’t grabbed yours already you can get them [here](https://www.tixr.com/amp/3w4v75/50574).

  10. ardnaxela- says:

    I’m Canadian & I’d LOVVEE to go to this festival… What do I need to know?!

  11. Bdawggg1998 says:

    So would LSDream only be performing light-code and not a separate set? Just curious how that works

  12. Daaaaamn, i might go just tor Skrillex. He was the only reason i went to Hijinx 2019

  13. confetti27 says:

    Seems a bit weaker than last years, at least to my tastes, but lots of great names on here and lots more I need to check out. Was hoping they’d continue to sprinkle in more bands like they did last year but it looks like there’s only three on this lineup (PPPP, Yam Yam, and Doom Flamingo) that I know of.

  14. For those who have gone to Elements before, how are the dubstep sets?

    I’ve heard that this is a pretty house-themed festival and was wondering if the dubstep producers change their sound/sets to adhere to the general audience.

  15. therobshow says:

    That’s a send!

  16. jmenendeziii says:

    The greatest guitar teacher in human history is gonna be there

  17. I’m going this year and can’t wait! Question for past goers: Which stage leans toward house/techno? that’s my genre of choice.

  18. m4gnum1 says:

    Wow what a fucking lineup

  19. Totally worth the PTSD.

  20. -jammin- says:

    How is this festival? Never heard of it before.

  21. Must be a shit festival if Subtronics is considered “top tier”

  22. og elements is gone and it makes me sad seeing all this bass 🙁

  23. pacodemu says:

    Book Stickybuds and then I’ll buy a ticket

  24. Ratabat says:

    August 11 – 14th, does this fest go til Monday night?

  25. HA5HBRN says:

    How many more name are supposed to get added in phase 2? Is there any chance of getting Blunts n Blondes again?

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