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Electric Zoo 3.0 Lineup

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  1. Discount-Belichick says:

    One of the most diverse lineups Ezoo has ever put out. I def f with this.

    G Jones b2b EPROM, Netsky, Carl Cox, Champagne Drip, Subtronics, Garrix, AVB, Dj Snake, Lab Group, Tchami & Malaa, there’s something for everyone!

  2. Slimedaddyslim says:

    2 Black Carls??

  3. McLaffey89 says:

    Dang the older I get the fewer names I recognize on these lineups.

  4. PM_ME_JUUL_RIPS says:

    This is nicceeee. Super fucking diverse, I love it!

  5. Arkstar_ says:

    Anyone know if this is the full lineup or phase 1? I feel like they usually have a couple more acts.

  6. ewongz says:

    electric zoo or north coast? some friends want to go to north coast but i think the ezoo lineup is way better

  7. Porij says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love the lineup, but it’s also a damn shame that North Coast is on the same weekend. That’s all I’m saying. haha

  8. Zyzz_Neverforget69 says:

    Thought everyone said hardwell was gonna be on it 😂

  9. ljoey7 says:

    Lasers this year or no?

  10. dr__fr3sh69 says:

    I’m loving this as a techno person 🔥🔥🔥
    Excited to go let’s go NY 💕

  11. Lafayette-De-Marquis says:

    Alphabetical line ups SUCK!!! Just show us the headliners so we can decide if it’s worth going!

  12. emily_tangerine says:

    Afrojack is so good! Highly recommend.

  13. Staylucidtrippin says:

    This is the most well rounded lineup i have seen Ezoo do

  14. MarkyMarcMcfly says:

    They really topped last years lineup. It’s bottom tier in terms of vibes and organization but fuckkk is the production good and most artists brought heat in 2021. Will be hard to pass up

  15. Sftransplantre says:

    Hey should I get the ferry pass? Never been to Randall island. Bought my ticket but not the pass

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