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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS dude next to me at Lost Lands named dustin, slanging a pillow with ease.

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dude next to me at Lost Lands named dustin, slanging a pillow with ease.

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  1. Pretty sure I saw same dude at Griz Triple Rainbow in Wisconsin. He let a passerby try it and it was a cute moment 🙂

  2. dubly_ says:

    This is one of the more amazing things I’ve seen. I understand spinning a ball. But a fucking throw pillow. That guy has talent.

  3. treesbitch says:

    Aye Dustin! He helps put on a small festival in Wisconsin on his land. Illuminate 2022 was so great because of him!

  4. KenMixtape says:

    Big pillow spinning man can GET IT

  5. Lilyukixd says:

    While rocking to the wubs.. this man is spinning a throw pillow- launches it airborne. Catches it and spins it faster than before. How the actual fu-

  6. This was the first time I saw this kind of flow toy, is that what it’s called?

    I wasn’t having much luck looking for “spinny blanket”

  7. I had had a blast this weekend. It’s a capitalist shithole but they sell it well.

  8. [deleted] says:

    Pretty sure I saw this same dude yesterday spinnin around that same thing but I was too busy throwing up🤣🤣🤣

  9. Reminds me of Tom Cruise in Cocktail

  10. Zebracorn42 says:

    Did he fold the pillow before spinning it? I saw some guy do that on Taskmaster.

  11. holicv says:

    Is this possible?? That’s lowkey really impressive. Got me looking for a fidget spinner at the bottom

  12. evil_fungus says:

    Ok THAT GUY is awesome

  13. amishtoad says:

    Get this man some pizza dough !

  14. DOsomethin says:

    Pillow poi. Met a homie at Shambala and he gave me two. They are up on my wall. No stuffing tho. That makes it next level.

  15. jmackfore says:

    Pretty sure I just seen this guy at Wakaan this weekend

  16. He camped next to us at wakaan. It’s harder than it looks hahahahah

  17. alucardunit1 says:

    His proper name is cheesus christ. I just camped next to the dude at Wakaan.

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