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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS DGTL LIB (Lightning in a Bottle) 2.0 Lineup

DGTL LIB (Lightning in a Bottle) 2.0 Lineup

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4 Responses

  1. Firefluffer says:

    Now that real shows are starting up again, is anyone still watching livestreams anymore?

  2. SatanLordOfDarkness says:

    This is actually dope as hell. Bummer it’s a livestream, I’ll probably still watch it though. IHF, Desert Dwellers, The Polish Ambassador, The Librarian… Plenty of other good names too.

  3. BonoirRamza says:

    Im gona get drunk an watch this. Ordered some new headphones that should be delivered in time for it.

  4. SANTAisGOD says:

    GJONES B2B EPROM Rerun D: if it’s the Lollapalooza set it’ll be dope but still….DO IT LIVE.

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