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Bourbon & Beyond Festival 2022 Lineup

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  1. [deleted] says:


  2. LL_Cruel_J says:

    This is one hell of a lineup

  3. FinancialIdiot70 says:

    Wow, just wow.

    There have been many, many shitty line ups this year, this is not one of them.

    Saturday is ridiculous on its own.

    I will be there 100%

  4. krispycody says:

    This is amazing

  5. cutieswithbootiez says:

    Dope how big Japanese breakfast has gotten for sure

  6. yeehawcaptaineer says:

    One of the best lineups I’ve seen this year

  7. Litmusdragon says:

    Crazy lineup, plus the added benefit of no MGK or Smashing Pumpkins

  8. njm123niu says:

    I’ll assume it’s in Kentucky given the bourbon aspect, but would be awesome if the poster told you where the fest takes place without having to Google it.

  9. ads1530 says:

    Anyone have experience with this one? Looks like the festival ground is right next to one of the runways for the Louisville airport. Does that not impact the sound?

  10. 3StacksOnTheRadio says:

    There’s not a lot that would make me do two fests back-to-back (I’m committed to Firefly that next weekend), but this would do it. Amazing lineup.

  11. Critical_Egg says:

    Holy shit this is a great lineup. Has anyone been to this fest? What’s the vibe like?

  12. MastaMayne says:

    Damn this lineup is awesome

  13. I_am_your_prise says:

    Holy shitballs. I really wish they would move this festival so it can include camping.

  14. kickit says:

    wish this fest had been around when I lived in Indiana, that is a sick fuckin lineup right there

  15. Creative_Vegetable says:

    So crazy seeing a small NZ artist on a big lineup like this!

  16. cheesemagnifier says:

    What a fantastic lineup! Only thing missing is Billy Strings!

  17. luisc123 says:

    Crowded House? The “hey now hey now, don’t dreeeeeam it’s over” guys? Wow.

  18. MarysJaneMane says:

    Is this a camping fest?

  19. P-Diddle356 says:

    I mean I like it but kings of Leon aren’t headline material anymore

  20. headoverfeet2021 says:

    Alanis Morissette! My favorite singer in the whole world.

  21. Wwaavveesss says:

    Stellar. Don’t know about Kentucky during hurricane season though.

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