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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Bonnaroo has been cancelled

Bonnaroo has been cancelled

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  1. Young_God_7 says:


    Guess any other year they would push on or find contingencies but I bet with all things considered this was difficult but felt almost inevitable

  2. nochill92 says:

    Live Nation dodged a PR disaster, it was a lose/lose situation, probably didn’t want to end up with all the backlash that TW 2K15 received.

  3. MasamuneTrigger says:

    What a bummeroo

  4. HumanoidAndroid3 says:

    Bonnaroo was just Curveball’d

  5. DonnieTheCatcher says:

    Jesus christ… I feel so bad for everyone who was going

  6. mynamescody says:

    Super horrible all around smh….very sad. Couldn’t imagine the feeling of having this planned for so long & not even having attended a single show since march 2020. Really sad situation for everyone…

  7. ROORnNUGZ says:

    RIP to anyone who bought secondary tickets

  8. twitterInfo_bot says:

    We are absolutely heartbroken to announce that we must cancel Bonnaroo. While this weekend’s weather looks outstanding, currently Centeroo is waterlogged in many areas, the ground is incredibly saturated on our tollbooth paths, and the campgrounds are flooded to the point that…


    posted by [@Bonnaroo](https://twitter.com/Bonnaroo)

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  9. MgZIA says:

    Omg I feel sorry for the people that are on the road rn

  10. paintchips_beef says:

    Lol, that comments section is nuts. There’s a kid asking for contact info for their legal department to sue haha.

  11. queenb222 says:

    Oof. Festivals have not been bringing joy lately. Sad 😢

  12. FestivalPapii says:

    Rough year for everyone all around.

  13. NachoCanSandyRavaged says:

    That sucks! but I get it, showing my age but anyone who remembers the mud at Bonnaroo 2004 knows they had no choice.

  14. -timenotspace- says:

    Well this sucks. Be safe everyone

  15. Da_zero_kid says:


  16. aStonedTargaryen says:

    Damn I am so sorry for anyone who had plans to go, I’d be devastated 🙁

  17. WoodWideWeb says:

    It was so bad in 2014 I think they said only 4 out of 16 or so entry gates could be open due to mud and it took us all night (arrived 10pm) until the next morning to get in. Can only imagine the disaster if they had gone theough with this. They made the right move even though it sucks.

  18. NAM_SPU says:

    Me about to hit Ezoo this weekend… 😐

  19. jman457 says:

    “I really hope COVID doesn’t cancel Bonnaroo this year”

    *monkeys paw*

  20. OwsleyCat says:

    WHHHATTTT!? So last minute.

  21. stranot says:

    i feel like stuff like this is gonna continue happening as climate change gets worse…

  22. phleebb says:


  23. dautjazz says:

    Damn sucks that it was cancelled just a couple of days before. Hopefully people are able to get refunds for travel (plane/rental) and hotel/airbnb. I would hope they can be understanding given the circumstances.

  24. BonoirRamza says:

    Not surprised coming from the biggest corporate shill fest. Get a refund and find a real festival. Roo died ages ago.

  25. Voiceofthemachines says:

    🤣 Karma 💉

  26. djcryptik says:

    Good. F livenation and all the other corporate fests

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