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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Arise Music Festival: daily lineups

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Arise Music Festival: daily lineups

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  1. Lil smokies x2 fuckkkkkk

  2. dwolfe10203 says:

    Awesome festival! Very intimate vibe with an awesome crowd. Highly recommend if you’re in CO 👌

  3. Mack_B says:

    Nice this looks dope!


    It comes to $750 for 2 tickets and a car camping pass. Like I’m not sure if it’s worth it with it only being a 3 day fest myself.

    They’re charging $65 (plus unknown fees since those tickets aren’t for sale yet) per early arrival pass, so it would be about $450 per person in a 2 car group to make it a 4 day festival.

    Just figured the info might help others

  4. saxsquatch??!??!? omg i would cry this lineup is amazing already and i’ve never seen him on anything before!

  5. taelor says:

    Nice to see Beats Antique in big letters again. I feel like I haven’t seen anything from them in a while.

  6. What other festivals have line ups like this? This is my type of music now. I live in FL.

  7. bitchkrieg_ says:

    I’ll be attending solo, would love to link up with others – also open to going in on a tipi

  8. Going solo from Colorado springs, let’s rage!!!

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