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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Are these removable?

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Are these removable?

Are these removable?

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  1. caseObeer says:

    I’ve used a pair of pliers to crack them before.

  2. headyrooms says:

    If you wet the ends and twist them together really tight you can spin the plastic piece off.

    You can Google, Remove festival wristband, and find videos of different methods.

  3. Goober1250 says:

    Havnt seen anything online about removing these clasps, the ol twist technique didn’t work.

    Don’t want to have to cut it or break it but can’t figure out a way to remove it properly.


  4. maguchifujiwara says:

    I think I used a zip tie and small flathead screw driver before

  5. totophe1077 says:

    I just twist it for ever then pull and comes right off I have a bunch hanging on my rear view mirror

  6. blessedjourney98 says:

    It is removable I think with plastic bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIvnQ6I_8jg

    I did it before, but you unlike in the video I where he pulls whole bag at once, I was pulling different parts of bag (which put pressure on different part of wristband) and so slowly but surely made wristband go off my hand. It did hurt a little bit tho.

  7. BallinStalin666 says:

    As long as it’s not too too tight you can slide a bag over your hands and under the band, then you pull the sides over the bracelet and pull it off without cutting or busting it.

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