Reading your late-night takeover is here

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Your Transgressive line up is here πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Reading your late-night takeover is here

Party animals stop what you’re doing. Transgressive Records are doing a late-night takeover on The Alternative Stage on Friday night, and it’s going to be a banger.



25 Responses

  1. Callum Blake-Symes says:

    Max Battison

  2. Konnor Gethins says:

    Ciaran Bowen Owen Davies

  3. Hollie Bryant says:

    Becky Williams our Friday night sorted!

  4. Craig Miller says:

    Josh Cook Jack Manlow Connor Biggs

  5. Boo Leatham says:

    Kelly Mcknight Jessica Bowles

  6. Sasha Jenkins says:

    Matthew Sewell Jordan Keith

  7. Craig Melville says:

    Holly Strutton Huw Stevens vs circa waves djs you Keen?

  8. Emily Parsons says:

    George Gurr Christian Brown circa waves

  9. Ryan Lingham says:

    Daniel Sanders Jack Brace Lewis Parsons Lee Merritt Ben Gray Gabriel Janoras

  10. Paige Kirby says:

    Porscha Bailey yasss

  11. Becca Ferguson says:

    Alex White Stef Frankie Craig I mean I’m totally gonna be in bed but

  12. Barry Taggart says:

    Toni Sharvin number 3!!

  13. Rebecca Medley says:

    Chloe Windsor

  14. James Dance says:

    Helen Pringle , Ben Bridges, Chris Pringle

  15. Jack Knowles says:

    Jake Cooper

  16. Doris Armstrong says:

    Rosie Lewis

  17. Sydney Leigh Haywood says:

    Gemma Wallis

  18. Rhys Davies says:

    Reading djs now playing later past 12:00 into the morning πŸ’–πŸ˜

  19. Adrien Mauger says:

    Faut qu’on aille Γ  celui de circa waves Thibaut VarniΓ¨re πŸ™€

  20. Sian Tunstall says:

    Oliver Hames Anyone you know?

  21. Dina Kadwill says:

    Natalie Montgomery

  22. Ashleigh Alicia Quinn says:

    Zach Oakley

  23. Paul Hiscocks says:

    John Bayo Lilygreen Kyle Lewis

  24. Matt Mitchell says:

    Edward Privett

  25. Deborah Yates says:

    Simone, Geoff, Dom – this looks amazing!

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