Reading, here are your 5 headliners… Catch Biffy Clyro perform a LIVE acoustic…

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Reading, here are your 5 headliners… Catch Biffy Clyro perform a LIVE acoustic set from 7pm on the Leeds Festival page



25 Responses

  1. Zoe Louise Collins says:

    Sam Brownlow Will Smith 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Chelsea Gane says:

    Charlotte Louise Bird lets goooooooo

  3. Carlos Lorente says:

    Oli Dodd :´(

  4. Charley Window says:

    Gabby Coulthard 😁😍🎉👯🙌🏼

  5. Olivia Robson says:

    Millie Booker 🙁

  6. Chrissie Webber says:

    Mark Augustus

  7. Louis Chapman says:

    Hollie Johnstone

  8. Nathalie Hawkins says:

    Caitlin Holloway

  9. Rebecca Medley says:

    Chloe Windsor

  10. Gaby Bromage says:

    Ewan Thorne we can watch the accoustic!!

  11. Mariah Symes says:

    Ryan Pengelly get buzzed

  12. Maria Laura Nicolas says:

    Jack Leo Turriff

  13. Laura Oliete Tafalla says:

    Edu Gallagher😢😢😢

  14. Lucie Dolton says:

    Jak Dolton

  15. Jodie May Williams says:

    Justine Blin 🙁

  16. Nina Jones says:

    Gemma Thomas Cole Sasha Thomas we should of booked 😫 xx

  17. Sophie Pearson says:

    Brandonn Spunky Monk

  18. James Smith Chanel Webb says:

    Paris Webb looks good

  19. Danny Dukelow says:

    New promo Brooklyn Cooper

  20. Vanessa Creedon says:

    Katelyn Leahy

  21. Nadia Etter says:

    Vorfröid 😍 Marc Philippe Jeanine

  22. Clare Steventon says:

    Laura-jayne Jennings

  23. Gwen McCreath Walton says:

    Dan Walton ☺

  24. Fernando Briceño says:


  25. Amanda North says:

    Ryan Powell

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