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Quiz: Which Eminem Are You?

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Quiz: Which Eminem Are You?

Eminem…Slim Shady…Marshall Mathers…which one are you?
Let us know 👇👇👇

Quiz: Which Eminem Are You?

Are your palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy? ‘Lose Yourself’ in this quiz.



25 Responses

  1. Jo White says:

    Jack Wakefield

  2. Loo Finch says:

    Lucie Amos you need to find out before we go aha

  3. Noel Slate says:

    Mary Fyles

  4. Shreyans Sanghrajka says:

    Adithya Anand

  5. Dominik André Schrei says:

    Jasmin Schmid

  6. Florian Cobut says:

    Laurent Thilmany

  7. Joe Tomlin says:

    Chris Brady

  8. Wes Jenkins says:

    Cariad Williams

  9. Dennis De Vos says:

    Margot Loete

  10. Jessica Harrington says:

    Scott Harrington

  11. Wes Jenkins says:

    James Lumley I got Marshall 😉

  12. David Ellis says:

    Gotta be slim shady for me 😎

  13. Kimberley Klein says:

    Thibaux Swildens

  14. Matt Ord says:

    Marshall 😌

  15. Aaron Webster says:

    This is not accurate. I got eminem when I am most definitely slim shady.

  16. Emma Mulhall says:

    Chloe Louise Pratt

  17. Isobel Seamer says:

    Jasmine Smith I hate this

  18. Olivia Jeram says:

    Beverley Nicholson

  19. Robyn Hayes says:

    Annie Bass

  20. Hope Gostelow says:

    Arda Tok

  21. Arda Tok says:

    David Cook

  22. Matthew Boyle says:

    Lauren Underwood

  23. Deep Rajput says:


  24. Jordan Rogers says:

    Shivi Vaid ya better get slim shady

  25. Sally Kinver says:

    Ellie Otley I’m slim Shady, which are you? X

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