More acts announced for the Alternative Stage including Russell Howard & Bill Ba…

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More acts announced for the Alternative Stage including Russell Howard & Bill Bailey 🙌🎉❤



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  1. Alex Turck says:

    Isobel Munro

  2. Callum Pond says:

    Simon James Harris

  3. Lianne Faye says:

    Josh Townley Russell Howard. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  4. Zena Evans says:

    Ryan Evans

  5. Jack Finn says:

    Hannah Morris!!!

  6. Rose Galletti says:

    Emma Galletti Di Cadilhac bill bailey :0 fml

  7. Kira Tucker says:

    Tom Harris look at the comedians

    Shelly Dudbridge grand master flash

  8. Patrick Swift says:

    Nathen Solly Jamie Stoneham

  9. Amber-Jade Farla says:

    Silke Griffin RUSSEL HOWARD 😱 omg I can’t fucking wait

  10. Craig Sterriker says:

    Emily Ball

  11. Katie Rose Iles says:

    Jasmine Stevens Louis Collins

  12. Jack Trueman says:

    Erin Turner-Walton Danielle Thompson Scarlett-Poppy Blissett Misha Holly Wiseman

  13. Pete Ferris says:

    Looking forward to Bill Bailey and Cassetteboy!

  14. Emma Monk says:

    Rebecca Louise Nelson Russell Howard though

  15. Katy Austin says:

    James Sutcliffe

  16. Amy Daughters says:

    Jake Lane russell howard 🤘

  17. Josh Mouzer says:

    Katie Allen

  18. Angela Bleasdale says:

    Sam Barnes

  19. Amber Martin says:

    Astra Martin Rachel Thorpe Michael Bailey Russel Howard!!! And Lee Nelson 😂 gonna be jokes!! 🙌🙌

  20. Sam Hill says:

    Abbey Hill

  21. Tammy-Jordan Collins says:

    Jane Ballentine Jamie Dunn RUSSEL HOWARD!!!!

  22. James Thorne says:

    Grant Coe

  23. Valentin Lde says:

    Pauline Lude

  24. Vanessa Rose says:

    Georgia Cave look Katherine Ryan, Russell Howard

  25. Danielle Waters says:

    Jamie Hodder

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