More acts announced for Reading’16 …

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More acts announced for Reading’16 πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰β€

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25 Responses

  1. Emily Martin says:

    Sara Marson

  2. Melanie Insfran says:

    ThΓ©a Marie

  3. Brooke Phipps says:

    3 x tickets back to England pls Megan Downes Cassandra Allomes

  4. Ryan Myatt says:

    Callum White

  5. Emma Harrison says:

    Maria FaganMia Arthur

  6. Matt Price says:


  7. Kayleigh McSweeney says:

    Ricky Hunt neeeeed 🎟🎟

  8. Georgia Kelleher says:

    Matt Osborn yung lean xx

  9. Katie Weitzmann says:

    Holly Harkness oo

  10. Jack Sawyer says:

    Lol where?

  11. Georgia Kelleher says:

    omg Matt Osborn the hunna babe your favourite

  12. Ioan Davies says:

    Sam Robinson Big Narstie. Charlie Sloth x’D

  13. Dan Edwards says:

    Alex Harper Ed Marsh

  14. Natasha Wallace says:

    Charlotte Clare Nicol 😍

  15. Tyler Cobber Joel says:


  16. Ty Davies says:

    Grant Collins

  17. Chloee Smyth says:

    Lauren McGowan

  18. Antonio Bonasia says:

    Andate a fare in culo

  19. Samantha Kerr says:

    Still no Don Broco ): Luke Eves Matthew Seman

  20. Shirley McClure says:

    CLUTCH ❀️❀️❀️

  21. Adam Clemente says:

    King gizzard are playing this year Isaac Madden . Spewing πŸ™

  22. Nick Small says:

    Billy Tee youre the type of scumbag to appreciate big narstie

  23. Tom Fenn says:

    I literally saw about 4 new artists….

  24. Garry Hoy says:

    Nicola Brain Andrew Hoy Steven Tremain

  25. Abby Quigley says:

    Ryan Allen

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