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Monday motivation – we can’t wait to be back here

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Monday motivation – we can’t wait to be back here

Monday motivation – we can’t wait to be back here



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  1. Ellie Hunt says:

    Tuesday can’t wait to let my hair down and get my wellies on!!!

  2. Olivia Monet says:

    Ami Lewis

  3. Chelsea Louise Serle says:

    David Rose

  4. Katherine Lee says:

    Tara Jupp

  5. Jade Scott says:

    Ellie Beesley

  6. Garron Hilton says:

    Alex Wallin 😀

  7. Katharina Herzig says:

    Lisa Wookiedaris 🙌

  8. Joe Townsend says:

    Harry Hemming

  9. Ani Schuler says:

    Pauline Planchamp Hopefully will be there 🙂

  10. Gordon Reynolds says:

    My first Reading was 1977. My last one was 2012. Get rid of the school leavers outdoor party vibe and the 1xtra tent and I’ll see you in 2017.

  11. Alastair Mcewen says:

    My 21st Readding Festival brining the wife and kids this year we all will be on the front

  12. Lulu Philpot says:

    Morgen yass

  13. Paula Wade says:

    Julie Chester😉

  14. Anthony Coletta says:

    Daniela Di Marco

  15. Stephanie Lister says:

    Joe Cerasale Thomas Hayes

  16. Michael Bonett says:

    Looking for a singer near Reading, UK for these songs


  17. Matt Rose says:

    guys I’m thinking of heading to reading this year for my first time.. can anyone recommend any decent nearby hotels?

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