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Four more names have been added to Reading 💪💪




25 Responses

  1. Jason MacDonald says:

    No one good then

  2. Trine Erna Madsen says:

    Mia Sønderskov

  3. Cristian Mars Butini says:

  4. Samantha Wharnsby says:

    Shannon don’t know any of these, you?

  5. Sarah Dashwood says:

    Theo Manaloo Youds

  6. Ryan Ship says:

    Jake Jack Daniel so excited for none of these

  7. Craig Melville says:

    Anyone heard of any of these bands?

  8. Dominic Meister says:

    Royal Republic is awesome! Go check them out if you can! Swedish Rock Music :3

  9. Craig Miller says:

    Connor Biggs Jack Manlow lotto boyz

  10. Rachel Frampton says:

    Ian Frampton Royal Republic

  11. Georgie Thomas says:


  12. Joe Window says:

    I know one royal republic song. I’m there

  13. Ryan Dent says:

    Announce the monophonics

  14. Hannah Louise says:

    Valena McConnell

  15. Gary Draper says:

    Russ Deakin Nicky Rex-Byrd

  16. Richard Skerritt says:

    Four more nobodies ….for the worst Reading bill ever then ???

  17. Jason Kane says:

    Brad Monks Billy Griffiths Todd Lewtas

  18. Sam Keech says:

    Sophie Evans

  19. Matthew Marriott says:

    Mark Oxford you need to check out royal republic

  20. Jay Vears-King says:

    Harry Main look who I’m seeing again😎😂

  21. Peter Parker says:


  22. Ben Tiger Weekes says:

    Tom Dunlop who?

  23. Daniel Hoensch says:

    Royal Republic are an outstanding live band, highly recommend them

  24. Thomas Galloway says:

    Everybody who hasn’t heard Royal Republic should really go and listen to Royal Republic before they make any kind of negative commet on this…

  25. Feud says:

    Royal Republic are excellent live – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-eqGULNEkI

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