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Latitude festival news : Who was there for The Vaccines’ surprise set in the BBC Sounds Arena this summer…

Who was there for The Vaccines' surprise set in the BBC Sounds Arena this summer...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival


Who was there for The Vaccines‘ surprise set in the BBC Sounds Arena this summer? ✨ #cinchxLatitude


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12 Responses

  1. Carol Mccartney says:

    Yes was brilliant

  2. Melanie Slater says:

    Meeee! If they wanna come back ?! 😀

  3. Georgina Morrison says:

    Phoebe Baker 😍😎

  4. Mark Collett says:

    Hopefully you’ll announce them playing this year soon.

  5. Kev Alston says:

    Highlight of the festival for me. Incredible. Our 2 kids still sing their songs all the time since seeing them play live.

  6. John Gunne says:

    Yes 😀 I was in the tent on Sunday afternoon! 😀 Eager old grunger jumping up and down to the youngsters music 😀

  7. Stephen Hornby says:

    The Hornby’s were 👀

  8. Tina Stringfellow says:

    I was there . Highlight of the weekend.

  9. David Tansley says:

    Fantastic Sunday afternoon 🤩

  10. Steve Jaggard says:


  11. Andrew Thomas says:

    Loved it.

  12. Susan Hill says:

    I was – loved it – Sunday was the best!!

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