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Latitude festival news : Liam Gallagher has just announced his biggest ever solo show at the legendary Kn…

Liam Gallagher has just announced his biggest ever solo show at the legendary Kn...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival


Liam Gallagher has just announced his biggest ever solo show at the legendary Knebworth Park on Saturday 4th June 2022. Support from Kasabian, Michael Kiwanuka , Fat White Family and Goat Girl. 💖 Tickets on sale Friday 8th October 2021 https://bit.ly/3urWL8e


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44 Responses

  1. Theresa Burnell says:

    Lisa Bradford

  2. Debbie Jones says:

    Michael Kiwanuka at Latitude please!xx

  3. Paige Alexander says:

    Leila Bye

  4. Jonathan Gook says:

    Emily Gook

  5. Clare Ryman-Tubb says:

    Kirsteen Mcswein For old times sake?

  6. Lisa Diwell says:

    Jamie Johns 👍

  7. Bethany Hunter says:

    Tom Hill

  8. Richard Huggins says:

    Emily Lacey You and James fancy a trip back for this?! x

  9. Hollie Barker says:

    Cole Barker

  10. Hollie Barker says:

    Peter Cook

  11. Alex David John says:

    Rhys Pugh

  12. Kate Milligan says:

    Melissa Caneppele
    Sam Masters

  13. Claire Hatliff Wood says:

    Briony Hatliff

  14. Jayney Marsland says:

    Rebecca Johnson Kirsty Elizabeth Mills

  15. Ryan Leonard says:

    Harry Wilson Ryan Harrison

  16. Meryem Stefania Ryder-Messervy says:

    Mariano AlterEgo

  17. Meryem Stefania Ryder-Messervy says:

    Jason Messervy

  18. Grant Baily says:

    Chloe Baily

  19. Fiona Castleton says:

    Jimbo Jones

  20. Meg Roberts says:

    Shannon Hammond

  21. Hayley Mival says:

    Ian Tomblin Annika Tomblin

  22. George Block says:

    James ‘Robbo’ Robertson

  23. Leo Laa says:

    Beth the day we fly to Cyprus 😭 why is the world against me

  24. Laura Frankland says:

    Kelly Whittam 🤔

  25. Joanna Jones says:

    Laurence Jones

  26. Dawn Coleman says:

    Neil Coleman

  27. Katie Brown says:

    Wayne Leeks Tara Campbell Ned Dorson Campbell Samantha Jane Maguire

  28. Carly Hurst-williment says:

    Nick Hurst-Williment

  29. Adam Follett says:

    Kate Scholefield

  30. Steph Blinston says:

    Paula Wales

  31. Kira Bryenton-Rochard says:

    Kieran Laking-Morris

  32. Simon Ravey says:

    Natalie Ravey 👀

  33. Kelly Pattison says:

    Demi Pattison Richard Remblance !!!!

  34. Tom Lyon says:

    Sam Hirst

  35. Iain Wallace says:

    Sue Wallace

  36. Rolf Budd says:

    Ben Hannant Tracey Hannant have you seen this? Xx

  37. Paul Dennis says:

    Who is singing with Kasabian??

  38. Daisy Little says:

    Lauren Seatter-Messer

  39. Lucy Gray says:

    Ollie Grand

  40. Trina Jayne Hadley says:

    Wayne McAteer

  41. Jack Solomon says:

    Terry Todd Mark Webbo Webster Cade Todd

  42. Duncan Healey says:

    The support is better than the headliner

  43. Emma Elizabeth says:

    Jonathan James Oates

  44. Emma Cobley says:

    Jason Baines Mychelle Joanne Cadman ?

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