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Latitude festival news : Dreaming of summer nights in Henham Park? Us too! We’ve been busy working behind…

Dreaming of summer nights in Henham Park? Us too! We’ve been busy working behind...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival


Dreaming of summer nights in Henham Park? Us too! We’ve been busy working behind the scenes on cinch presents Latitude 2022 and have exciting news to share soon… ✨ Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our plans. https://bit.ly/3rfcW7U


29 Responses

  1. Ami Gotts says:

    But when????

  2. Paul Scoggins says:

    When will Instalment tickets be available please ?

  3. John Gunne says:

    Hurry up please guys it’s bloody freezing out and some of us wanna be back in Henham Park right now!

  4. Joey Howard says:

    Hannah Ruth Holly Milgate xxx

  5. Steve Falder says:

    Charlotte Falder Áine Kate Luke Falder

  6. Emma Price says:

    Teaser after teaser … I hope the wait is worthwhile

  7. Sarah Kavanagh says:

    Gabrielle Celia

  8. Michaela Bottomley says:

    Cherie Diggles

  9. Alison Pearce says:

    Rebecca Forge Sarah Allum

  10. Duncan Mallett says:

    Fiona Castleton talked it up again!!!

  11. Enya Darby-Chapman says:

    Rebecca Loveridge !!!!

  12. Steve Whitby says:

    Tbh we are about to book TRUCK FESTIVAL as they have announced some great bands. Same weekend. Why no line up yet from you?

  13. Annie Lawrence says:

    Kerry Lawrence-Haines Rosemary O’donoghue Cassie Odonoghue 🥳🥳🥳💃💃💃🌞🌞🌞

  14. Liz Gibson says:

    Hayley Joanna Clark 🤩🤩🤩

  15. Jonathan Marcar says:

    Just name the line up, why all the faffing about every year?

  16. James Dean says:

    Kate James 🙏

  17. Michelle Gaskin says:

    Sally Snowden

  18. Sophie Thomas says:

    Ben Thomas

  19. Nicola Brown says:

    Instalment plans pleeeease

  20. Carly Stark says:

    Sara Jayne

  21. Laura Sumner says:

    Ian Robertson

  22. Wanniwoo Tricker Baker says:

    Lorna Stacey Jamie 💃 🔪 🍻

  23. Stephen Williams says:

    Dawn Williams

  24. Matt Grundill says:

    Hannah Read

  25. Donna Louise says:

    Already booked! Hoping the lineup will be worth it! X

  26. Laura Dee says:

    Gav Dawson

  27. Bridget Stevens says:

    Michelle Best x

  28. Julie Hyland says:

    We have just bought tickets we can’t wait love Latitude festival

  29. Charlie Anne Bullock says:

    Summer Horne someone else is asking about instalment plans. Maybe it’s not out yet xx

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