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Kendal Calling festival news : We have our mint cake clue! Any guesses?!…

We have our mint cake clue!  Any guesses?!...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling


We have our mint cake clue! πŸŽ‰ Any guesses?!


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25 Responses

  1. Emily Morgan says:

    Circa waves? Pale waves?

  2. Samantha Owen says:

    Circa waves

  3. Ray Lenton says:

    Sea power

  4. Karen Dewdney says:

    Circa waves?

  5. Lisa Warburton says:

    Sea Girls

  6. Graham Andrew says:

    Vaccines!! Wetsuit

  7. Stacey Sturges says:

    Deepest blue or Mr probz

  8. Dave A Burden says:

    It’s a picture of a wave so…. The Wave Pictures?

  9. Peter Lawson says:

    Sea Power

  10. Catherine Evans says:

    Beach boys

  11. Julie Wickham-Massey says:

    Billy Ocean?

  12. Lee Shaw says:

    Wet wet wet πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  13. Stephen Garrett says:

    Blue Stratos? πŸ€ͺ

  14. Dean Allsopp says:

    An awesome wave? Alt j

  15. Dan Pearson says:

    Elvis Presley

  16. Matt Johnston says:

    The beach Boys? 🀣

  17. Craig Ross says:

    Beach Boys πŸ„

  18. Abbie Louise Kennedy says:

    Circa waves

  19. Dannii Louise Delooze says:

    Circa waves or pale waves

  20. Maxine Meighan says:

    Sea Power

  21. Wayne Baldwin says:

    Adam and the ants

  22. Louise Goodall says:

    Circa Waves?? x

  23. Garry Kerman says:

    Circa waves of course ! 😊

  24. Lois Ryan says:

    Ocean colour scene?

  25. Ian Willey says:

    Arthur 2 stroke and the chart commandoes

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