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Kendal Calling festival news : Only two classic albums can stay, the rest would be deleted forever, which album…

Only two classic albums can stay, the rest would be deleted forever, which album...

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Kendal Calling


Only two classic albums can stay, the rest would be deleted forever, which albums are you choosing? 👀


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39 Responses

  1. Peter Leak says:

    Definitely Maybe and Stone Roses

  2. Jack Holt says:

    Out of those I would keep Oasis and Arctic monkeys. But it was a hard choice, The Stone Roses would be third for me.

  3. Kelly Griffin says:

    Keep two?? I can only delete two 🤔

  4. Beccy Hutchinson says:

    Oasis and Killers but would be torn over losing the artic monkeys … and the stone roses

  5. Ashleigh Carr Russell says:

    Oasis & Arctic Monkeys! Think you should get the Arctic Monkeys at Kendal next year 🤞🏼

  6. Thomas McDonald says:

    Maybe put some classic albums up…the exception Stone Roses🙈

  7. Allan Dawson says:

    Stone roses and oasis no brainer

  8. Shua Greg says:

    Taking liberties with the word “Classic” here Kendal Calling Is this it and stone roses, would happily wave goodbye to the rest 👋

  9. Lewy Smith says:

    Is this it & St Jude

  10. Phil Knight says:

    Killers & The Roses everyday

  11. Andie Stott says:

    Roses and oasis.

  12. Anthony Ferguson says:

    Stereophonics & Oasis for me

  13. Saddleback's says:

    Stone Roses & Arctic Monkeys – There, done. Close the poll.

  14. Sarah More says:

    Stone roses & arctic monkeys

  15. Sophie Baxter says:

    Arctic monkeys and stereophonics

  16. George Reinhard Alexander Downie says:

    Oasis & Killers the rest can go

  17. Anthony Badgerbeard Barrowclough says:

    Roses and bloc party.

  18. Marc Sinclair says:

    Bloc Party and Courteeners

  19. Louise Wardle says:

    Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. What you saying Colin Wardle

  20. Matt Milton-Downes says:

    Impossible to answer I have it down to 3 and refuse to make it 2 🤷🏼

  21. Kelly McCann says:

    Oasis & Stone Roses. Difficult 1 as love them all

  22. Steph Anne says:

    Roses and courteeners every day of the week!

  23. Glennis Ingham says:

    Killers and Stereophonics, followed closely by Stone Roses

  24. Alastair Mackenzie says:

    Stereophonics and Oasis

  25. Shaun Buckley says:

    Roses & Oasis

  26. Mattski Regan says:

    Oasis and The Stone Roses – without them the rest wouldn’t exist anyway…

  27. Jo Reilly says:

    Is This It and Hot Fuss

  28. Gareth Fitzjohn says:

    Defy maybe, stereophonics.

    Deleting forevers a bit harsh though🙄

  29. Ian Norman says:

    Definitely Maybe
    Stone Roses

  30. Kev Atherton says:

    Roses and Maybe. (tough one letting Is This It go though but hey ho)

  31. David Dalton says:

    Stone Roses and Oasis. None of the others come close.

  32. Laura Innes says:

    Roses and Oasis, hands down

  33. Vicki Farish says:

    Killers and oasis

  34. Rebecca Dougal says:

    Can i have 3 🤣Courteeners, artic monkeys and oasis

  35. Andy Beckett says:

    Bloc Party and Stone Roses

  36. Filippo Frascali says:

    Oasis and Strokes

  37. Roger Wallace says:

    Not a great choice
    Stone Roses and the stereophonics
    Nothing else really stands out

  38. Kathryn Hay says:

    Killers and oasis

  39. Scott Duggan says:

    Defiantly Maybe and This Is It

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