Just announced: Kasabian host an intimate gig in Reading to get warmed up for th…

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Just announced: Kasabian host an intimate gig in Reading to get warmed up for the festival πŸ’ͺ
Full info here: po.st/KasabianGig



25 Responses

  1. Danielle Rosie says:

    Craig Rosie

  2. Leanne Evans says:

    Carly Marie Betteridge!!

  3. Katherine Maciver says:

    Layla Maciver-Drummond

  4. Chris Hayter says:

    Why the short notice? πŸ™

  5. Gemma Everett says:

    Carl Atkinson

  6. Jo Turner says:

    Lisa Constant Chappell Harrison!

  7. Jo Turner says:

    Claire Tucker

  8. Lisa Constant Chappell Harrison says:

    Rob Harrison

  9. Thomas James Clay says:

    Roxanne Alarcon shall I try to book?

  10. Amie Barnard says:

    Pearce OKeeffe

  11. Sophy Moxey says:


  12. Jamie Allwood says:

    Ashley Swain

  13. Alice Emilie says:

    Billy Kettlewell

  14. Alfie Stock says:

    Victoria Schafer why

  15. Tom Aaron Ellery says:

    Sunny Smithers

  16. James Walker says:

    Can I get a steam to kavos???

  17. Kayla Spicer says:

    Will Lombard Grace Damario Lloyd Tutt we could go to this?

  18. Jenny Bateman says:

    Daniel Cobden 😱

  19. Abbey Gladwin says:

    Michael Paul Baker maybe I can do this instead

  20. Georgia Wetherall says:

    Holly Watson Burgin wanna go all the way down to Reading for this??

  21. Angus Gaukroger says:

    Sophie Williams WE COULD DO THIS

  22. Sam Cowen says:

    Leanne Wilson

  23. Jenny Mckimm says:

    Tilly Bartholomew !!!!

  24. Will Laing says:

    James Prietzel Chester Howlett

  25. Elaine NΓ­ ChonΓ‘il says:

    Rowen Marlow

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