Just announced for Reading 2015

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Just announced for Reading 2015



25 Responses

  1. Ryan Hainsworth says:

    Chris Powell

  2. Wayne Goldie says:

    Damien Gamwell John Dolan Luke Marley Mac Jack Crutchley

  3. Pete Ferris says:


  4. Rianne Jenner says:

    Jack Etherington so happy…

  5. Jackson McCready says:

    Tom Harry Alderton we have to go

  6. Aaron Black says:


  7. Shannyn Theumer says:

    Jamie T ♡

  8. Mike Hutchins says:

    Same old

  9. Inês Harrison says:


  10. Dashmere Poromaa says:

    Lynn Vansölin pierce

  11. Mada Harb says:

    Tala Sharafeddine jamie t!

  12. Tala Sharafeddine says:

    Mada Harb ahh!! but whats with all the others lol

  13. Sabah Khan says:

    Rosie Marley Charmaine Coombs

  14. Kelley Andrews says:

    seen metallica before so that should be good

  15. Sarah Johnston says:

    Dan Lane Look is Refused!:)

  16. Dan Lane says:

    Ha ha nice, run the jewels too bang on! 🙂

  17. Sarah Jones says:

    Gareth Jones Metallica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lauren Seaman says:

    Tyra Irvine

  19. Lucy D'Gray says:

    Meh, usually get my ticket at this stage, but I’m yet to be convinced.

  20. Liam Graveling says:

    They were bound to get a decent headliner eventually but hey METALLICA!!!!!!

  21. Aidan Fitchett says:

    looks like I’m going to iow instead this year xD

  22. Dennis Lancaster says:

    Metallica u have just sold me a reading ticket

  23. Louise Johnson says:

    very enjoyable Hazel Walker

  24. Lizzie Camp says:

    Phoenix Davis

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