Just announced: Alternative Stage featuring Bill Bailey, Katherine Ryan, Simon A…

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Just announced: Alternative Stage featuring Bill Bailey, Katherine Ryan, Simon Amstell plus more music names across other stages πŸ™πŸ™



25 Responses

  1. Donna Bale says:

    Paul Yard Andrew Newnham

  2. Kersha Louise says:

    Jordan Ashley Steadman we need to check this out!!!!

  3. Jordan Cross says:

    James Ennew Sean Walsh, piff the dragon

  4. Eliot Morden says:

    Gee Cartmell Jamie Jones Ben Robinson we are seeing the rubberbandits

  5. Joe Sewell says:

    Matthew Allen

  6. Carly Sheffield says:

    Amanda Huff Thomson get your Katherine Ryan gig in ☺️

  7. Brogan Balaam says:

    JessJess HoldenEllen HolleyCraig Thornton

  8. Daryl Morgan says:

    Patrick McGinty

  9. Megan Elizabeth Rose Bailey says:

    Shane Smith

  10. Dean Goodway says:

    Gavin Edwards Nathan Birch

  11. Faye Murgatroyd says:

    Chris Maddocks Alan Clark Bill Baileyyyyyyyy yayyyyy

  12. Adrienne Masterson says:

    Tylar Lawrence spastic hawk!

  13. Zoe Tanner says:

    Catryn Garcia Jade Morgan Emma Brimble

  14. Kieron Bradley Cadey says:

    Lauren Cox NECK DEEP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  15. Becky Russell says:

    Izzy Emma πŸ‘πŸ»

  16. Matu Shaw says:

    Freddie Mawhood

  17. Hannah Pearcey says:

    Jasmine Seann Walsh πŸ‘Œ

  18. Kimberley Klein says:

    Thibaux Swildens

  19. Natalya Brunskill says:

    Shona Evans NECK DEEP!!!

  20. Sophy Wilkinson says:

    Louis Burrows

  21. Herbie Haggar says:

    Will Meredith PLEASE come, the view are playing, they’re sickkkk

  22. Jackie Burke says:

    Mark Liptrot

  23. Joe Holden says:

    Charlie Smith NECK DEEP!!!

  24. Joe Grant says:

    Lucie Dickens NECK DEEP

  25. Ellie Cole says:

    Louie Williams

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