If you missed out on Reading tickets this year now you can be first in line for …

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If you missed out on Reading tickets this year now you can be first in line for 2015, taking place on Friday 28th – Sunday 30th August.

A limited number of tickets for 2015 have just gone on sale at 2014 prices.
Buy tix: http://po.st/randlfb15



24 Responses

  1. Nyree Cook says:

    Britt Westerberg Mattu perhaps we should just do it! 😊

  2. Britt Westerberg Mattu says:

    I think we seriously need to consider it 😉

  3. Paul Barker says:

    Yeah… that link goes to 2014 tickets.

  4. Richard Wells says:

    Bad link.

  5. Kerrie Draper says:

    Terry Dactyl Moyse

  6. Owen Clarke says:

    I would but i need to know a bit of the line up even if its just headliners

  7. Arch Larchenko says:

    could i have a stream?

  8. Stacey Joanne Kent says:

    Dan Golding?

  9. Christina Bennington says:

    Could i get to this years first lol still on the train:)

  10. Ryan Knowles-Lake says:

    If ypu go outside the station there ppl selling them there

  11. Lee Williams says:

    Improvement on the lineup is needed. Maybe am just not hip enough to know 90% of the bands 🙁

  12. Connor Jones says:

    Danny Regan KillingtonTom Chadwick

  13. Matt Sturgess says:

    Fucking rip off

  14. Chloe Sayer says:

    Give me a free ticket and I’ll help with the arena crew !!

  15. Debbie Stewart says:

    Joe Smith

  16. Josephine Anne Shears says:

    The 28th is a Thursday….

  17. Carlos A Appel says:

    Live steam does not work

  18. Ashlee E. Quagraine says:

    Ria Christian Scott 😍

  19. Warren James Cochrane says:

    Yeah i need to know who is playing. Lineup has been very poor last two years. Except qotsa

  20. Larnie Probert says:

    When do 2015 tickets go on general sale?😊

  21. Hanna Haines says:

    Cassie Graham

  22. Mark Gabriel says:

    Got mine! 😄

  23. Sharma Kansal says:

    Jack Browning

  24. Steven Sweeting says:

    Quick, before it goes up another tenner!

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