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Hello August….

Hello August.

Tickets for Reading have now sold out but you can see the same line-up on the same weekend at Leeds Festival.




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  1. Sophie Mulrooney says:

    Chloe Thomas Bobby Murphy 😀

  2. Stephanie Farrow says:

    Melissa Navana Mayhew we may need to start buying stuff…..

  3. Joe Keehan says:

    Cam Pope could go to Leeds?

  4. Darryl Quested says:

    The joys of buying them a year in advance 😁

  5. Ema Phillips says:

    Seb Christensen IM SO EXCITED

  6. Chaz Paice says:

    Why would anyone want to go to leeds?

  7. Ben Green says:

    Samuel Page

  8. Andrew Hocking says:

    Stephen Andrews, Tess Jayne Burgin

  9. Matthew Fathers says:

    Will Parker

  10. Gary Dunkerton says:

    Steve Shore Karen Shore

  11. Lucy D'Gray says:

    I’M SO EXCITED AHHHH Katherine Lauren Coralie Zoe

  12. Natasha Mills says:

    Holy shit! Moist … We are nearly there Dave-Lee Conio Mikey Woolford Ray Mills Sean Scard Lynsey Conio Kate Walklett

  13. John Hooper says:

    Myles Humphrey

  14. Rosie Alloway says:

    Tiffany Amber Hunt Nicole Hunt Kellie Biggs Mel Hickman

  15. Alice Cambridge says:

    Bertie Rice reading>leeds

  16. Charlie Morrison says:

    Yo RDG! Can I get my tickets properly this year? As in, in that cool little folder thing. Last year I got it a few days before and it was loose in some shitty envelope.

  17. Martha Osman says:

    Luke Ryan Davis

  18. Sue Janyne Watkins says:

    Hannah Thomas

  19. Zoe Jean Hurley says:

    Amy Wiltshire

  20. Ryan Denton says:

    Matthew Hill its getting closer

  21. Ben Leahy says:

    Leeds has more music and nighttime entertainment.. Leeds wins :p

  22. Samuel William Brown says:

    I need a ticket – PM me if you’re selling one!

  23. Mya Cłavey says:

    only 3 weeks whAT

  24. Lisa de Korte says:

    We have to sell our three tickets for reading, we ask £213,- for each ticket.
    THe tickets are Full Weekend GA Tickets. If someone is interested in one or
    more tickets, please send me a private message. I can proof that i have these tickets.


    Lisa de Korte

  25. Indiana Mayler says:

    Nat Whitfield 3 WEEKS 😀

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