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Hampton Court Festival news : 6 world class acts, 3 weeks, 1 historic Palace A Festival to remember. Thank you…

6 world class acts, 3 weeks, 1 historic Palace A Festival to remember. Thank you...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Hampton Court Festival

✨6 world class acts, 3 weeks, 1 historic Palace ✨A Festival to remember. Thank you to everyone who joined us this year, this one felt particularly special

Hampton Court Palace Festival



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13 Responses

  1. Claire Tonge says:

    Bastille was amazing, my daughter loved it when Rick Astley came on. She’s been rick rolling her friends for ages.

  2. Mandy Archer says:

    Faye Turner this really is the best place to take in a concert ….

  3. Karen Routley says:

    A beautiful venue for a concert. Loved every moment of the Keane show.

  4. Natalie Sarratt says:

    Keane and a beautiful dinner in the Kings grand Hall, a night I will never, ever forget. Thankyou Molly 🙂

  5. Nicola Boon says:

    Can’t wait till next year!!!

  6. Chris Overton Dolly says:

    Tom Jones was amazing,and the sorroundings were spectacular.😍

  7. Yvette Horne says:

    Keane were just fantastic and the stunning setting was the icing on the cake.

  8. Louise Everett says:

    That was where Stuart and I had our first date😂

  9. Philippa Duggins says:

    It was! Nile Rodgers leant down from the stage and gave my daughter a Chic guitar pick, saying to us “You danced the whole time!”. We did too! I’m sure your seats are lovely Hampton Court Palace Festival but we never sat down once! 😂 Fabulous evening at a fabulous venue.

  10. Jackie Acourt Smith says:

    We loved it, the surroundings and of course the legendary Tom Jones.

  11. Karen Singh says:

    Sarah Napper Larissa Mulinder definitely one for next summer! 💃🏻🕺🏼🎉😜

  12. Margaret Stanley says:

    The most beautiful place for a concert & Tom Jones still rocks it fantastic evening & we spent the next day visiting the Palace to stunning we will be back next year if we can get tickets

  13. Larissa Mulinder says:

    Absolutely! 🤩

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