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Greenbelt news : This year we turn 50. Do you know what that means?…

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This year we turn 50. Do you know what that means?...

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This year we turn 50. Do you know what that means?

That’s (roughly) 200 days of festival-ing together. 200 days of dancing, debating, praying and partying. 200 days of dreaming up a better world. Of being amazed and inspired.

It also means we’ve spent more than 18,000 days apart. 18,000 days to put what we’ve learned under the canvas into practice in our daily lives. Doing our best to stay in touch with selves we so often encounter when we’re together in the fields. Spreading the creativity, kindness, justice, generosity, faithfulness and joy we find at Greenbelt with others year-round.

Whether this year might be your first time at Greenbelt or your 50th, you can expect a warm welcome. You might even discover a version of yourself you’d like to stay in touch with; one that has long-lasting impact beyond the festival weekend and for your own journey. Someone who might just be the change they want to see in the world over the next 50 years.

#GB50 #Greenbelt50 #GreenbeltFestival #Artistry #Activism #Belief
24–27 August 2023, Boughton House

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  1. Gary Waldron says:

    Yes, Im still older than you 😂

  2. When is the line-up announced?

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