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Greenbelt news : The Tiny Tea Tent is surely one of the best – possibly THE best – festival exper…

The Tiny Tea Tent is surely one of the best – possibly THE best – festival exper...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Greenbelt

The Tiny Tea Tent is surely one of the best – possibly THE best – festival experience there is in the world. Sustainable, welcoming, rootsy, gentle, and beautiful. And serving a wonderful range of reasonably priced teas and coffees (not forgetting the homemade cakes). It’s been a really tough time for festival caterers and traders, as you can imagine. So please, for all those heading to Prospect Farm this weekend, show the Tiny Tea Tent some love. Make sure you get there for a brew or two to meet up with friends, old and new. Let’s put the smile back on their faces, the spring back in their step.

Greenbelt Festival



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35 Responses

  1. Jen Tyler-Stevens says:

    I cannot tell you how much I have missed the Tiny Tea Tent❤!!! I won’t be at Prospect Farm, but roll on next year for brews and cake galore 🥰🥰🥰 xx

  2. Ifan Lucas says:

    Love the Tiny Tea Tent.

  3. Nicky Skipworth says:

    The Legend!!

  4. Karen Oaks says:

    Will definitely be heading towards it this weekend x

  5. Sarah Cracknell says:

    Planning to spend most of the weekend there to be honest! Missed it so much and can’t wait for my first cup of tea. 😍

  6. Philippa King says:

    I was there in the week and did my bit (like I needed an excuse!) by having carrot cake with my tea. Definitely recommend it!

  7. Nel Shallow says:

    Here’s hoping for 2022 🥰

  8. Carole Pugh says:

    They do the best hot apple and cinnamon… looking forward to a mug full in 2022.

  9. Katty Rice says:

    My best memory’s from greenbelt. And we’re talking… At least 22 years ago! Were at the tiny tea tent.
    I loved their apple and cinnamon I’ve bought tea bags for years and it doesn’t come close to theirs. I don’t know what they do to make it taste so amazing. Oh man I miss greenbelt.

  10. Christie McFarlane says:

    Paula Taylor-McCool your favourite 💜

  11. Mark Stennett says:

    We will be there!

  12. Fiona Patterson-Cheek says:

    If memory serves me well, 1994 was the first year of Tiny Tea Tent. I thought it was splendid even then. A complete change from the burger vans galore we had back then (and Nuts cafe was the other go-to culinary spot).

  13. Sally Coleman says:

    Love the tiny tea tent

  14. Ieuan Phillips says:

    Jocelyn Walker Ian Tomkins some good times in the tiny tea tent

  15. Sue Penfold says:

    They do have cake Deborah!

  16. David Cole says:

    Totally agree!!! It would not be Greenbelt without the Tiny Tea Tent! I visit it frequently!

  17. Claire Brockelsby says:

    Looking forward to a brew in the Tiny Tea Tent.

  18. Neil Mitchell says:

    I can’t wait for my first apple and cinnamon tomorrow!

  19. Brian McConkey says:

    I know the man well who runs it – originally from Fulwood Preston

  20. Alison Leigh says:

    Love the Tiny Tea Tent!

  21. Sam Drayson Le Tissier says:

    We miss it so much!

  22. Mark Pengelly says:

    See you guys there then!

  23. Corinne Brown says:

    Feeling all wistful at this pic !

  24. Rosie Linacre says:

    Laura Healy Lorien Emmett Carol Ritson magical memories ✨

  25. Alison Chester says:

    This looks fabulous

  26. Liz Jackson says:

    Someone have a cuppa for me!

  27. Vanessa Frew says:

    Was there 34 years ago. Special memories

  28. Bonnie Evans-Hills says:

    I love the Tiny Tea Tent!

  29. Catherine Moxham says:

    Looking forward to our visit this weekend 😀

  30. Pamela Forbes says:

    Love the tiny tea tent 🏕 lots of late evening drinks to warm up before heading to the sleeping bag 🥰

  31. Alison Stewart Smith says:

    We have enjoyed quite a lot of TTT chai tea this week. It’s not Greenbelt without the Tiny Tea Tent.

  32. Carol Scarisbrick says:

    Fabulous place to end your evening, catching up and chatting to friends. Love the apple and cinnamon tea 😋

  33. Joanne Schep says:

    Emma Haggar reminiscing on our cuppas at the tiny tea tent ❤️

  34. Joanne Macholc says:

    We were there #weekdayprospectors 😁

  35. Sheelagh Franklin says:

    Will miss going there this year, next year please xx

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