Forget Blue Monday, we’ve got a line up announcement THIS MONTH

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Forget Blue Monday, we’ve got a line up announcement THIS MONTH



25 Responses

  1. Sophy Wilkinson says:

    Louis Michael Burrows

  2. Sophie Hunt says:

    Henry Owen Keira Watkins😬

  3. Tazz Edwards says:

    Why not today m8s

  4. Peyton Owen says:

    Frankie Tazewell Paige Owen

  5. Soph Branowsky says:

    Beth Warne😎😎😎😎

  6. Ollie Pidduck says:

    Thomas William Yarlett James Wilzy Smith

  7. Sasha Blenkinship says:

    Sophie Gillard Lucy Baylis

  8. Lisa Davies says:

    Harrison Gorst

  9. James Tanner says:

    Hurry up then 😎

  10. Ross Goddard says:

    New Order!?

  11. Ema JL says:

    Chris Dawes

  12. Sophie Cartwright says:

    Tell us now!!!!!

  13. Evo Neil Evans says:

    Evo Callum Evans

  14. Holly Cooper says:

    Georgia Philippou

  15. Ian Wagstaff says:

    Today please reading festival 🙂

  16. Cara Jones says:

    That narrows it down!

  17. Katie John says:

    Katie Roberts Shannon Davies

  18. Lauren Wainwright says:

    Dom Grundy

  19. Daniel Baker says:

    Sian Sanders

  20. Vicky Dorman says:


  21. Molly Boyd says:

    Tilda SkinnerGeorgie Hollie ok

  22. Will Cross says:

    Robert Phillips Murray Greenshields

  23. Danny Whu Little says:

    Steph Mason

  24. Casey Williams says:

    AHHH Nikki Ellis

  25. Amy Thomas says:

    Jameela Mulla Casey Hazelwood 😁😁😁

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