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Festival Insights NEWS: In profile – JBM Music.

It’s 10am when Jorge Meehan pops into our Zoom chat and he’s still got his coat on; he’s been in the office for a while but there’s a heating issue and the plumber is on his way. After the past few years, this mild annoyance isn’t really going to faze him.

We’re talking online to discover more about JBM Music, the company formed in 2018 by Victoria Warehouse colleagues Meehan and Brian Murphy. It’s a classic tale of complimentary skillsets, shared tastes, the desire for natural progression and a realisation that they should get together and, well, do something.

Naturally, that something involved taking risks, nothing unusual there from a promoter perspective, initially described in our chat by Meehan as “glorified gambling, but a bit more calculated”. It’s made clear that the pair knew what they wanted to achieve and deliver but a relentless programme of successful delivery and reinvestment has seen…

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