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Festival Insights NEWS: Beat-Herder – A Festival With a Sense of Re-Purpose

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Accreditation in a former mobile chlamydia screening unit disguised as a train carriage?  A swimming pool under a roof supported by the ribs of an old boat? If the Wombles ran a festival, surely it would be on Wimbledon Common, but this is Lancashire’s Beat-Herder, a festival with a purpose to repurpose, and immerse their audience in…a laundrette?

We caught up co-founder, Nick Chambers to find out more about its development from the free party scene to regular sell out, with the audience experience at its heart from the beginning, as Chambers explains.

“If you took it way back when to like, the amoeba in the pool, I guess it was going camping in the woods with a cassette player with Dreadzone on one side and Zion Train on the other, or something close to that with six or eight people. Then the next time, some other people wanted to come. Literally from that point, I guess, we slowly had more people…

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