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Jimmy Woodard is a Business Development Manager at 360 Designs, a leading virtual reality company with expertise in live production and advanced custom cameras. He also has a partnership in place with an award-winning mixed reality company called AfterNow.

Festival industry, take notice. Apple is set to unleash a mobile AR tsunami in September, and you can either ride the waves or get crushed by them.

At first, I thought VR would be the industry that took the festival world by storm. But with clunky headsets, low resolution, high price tags, minimal content, and ultimately low consumer adoption, we’re still at least 2 – 3 years out before the VR ‘hero device‘ comes along.

However, that’s not the case at all for AR, and more specifically Apple’s ARKit.

ARKit has a low barrier-of-entry because it can be built into existing iPhones. And if you haven’t seen some of the early projects that developers…

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