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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Woodstock 1969 – Full Festival (Friday)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Woodstock 1969 – Full Festival (Friday)

Woodstock 1969 – Full Festival (Friday)


23 Responses

  1. Just love 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Judge Jury says:

    I'm hi as hell… watching this right now!

  3. packmellon says:

    I was born too early!!😭😭

  4. I'm about to turn 18 and I'm making myself learn about stuff from this era because clearly I was born in the worst time since WWII and I want to try to be the embodiment of the good times in hopes of bringing others joy

  5. Jaime Folds says:

    Some lucky drug dealers that day.
    Retire much lol

  6. Riley Banks says:

    Why does this feel so nostalgic? I was born in '92 😂

  7. arlichar11 says:

    31 25 what a great capture … no judgement just love and peace and musi c

  8. arlichar11 says:

    wow why isnt lovin spoon ful song more recognized, oh yeah it was wood stock, everythin g was good it gets lost shuffle

  9. Huge flu season that year! look at us now?

  10. Onche518 says:

    Not gonna lie kind of feels like the Garden of Eden. People just chilling together walking around naked in nature

  11. How beatifull thousands of hippies we love you from Costa Rica

  12. Babies were conceived people having sex

  13. That was during the Vietnam war

  14. True peace of upstate New York history

  15. when i make it big with my music i’m gonna recreate this with my concerts

  16. It's Too Bad Brian Jones Was Not Around To See This

  17. Mook Man says:

    The greatest concert ever or event im only 40 but im so connected black hippy.

  18. The sitar is the most amazing sound for about a minute and then it becomes like skull rape lmao

  19. a cloth house is all you need if you have love. What if you dont have love, can you get a warm dry cave

  20. 14:23 is when you feel the magic start happening

  21. Whats the name of the song in the beginning

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