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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: When We Were Young Festival: 10 Biggest Moments

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When We Were Young Festival finally took place in Las Vegas on October 22 and was full of amazing moments. From Paramore’s first performance of ‘All I Wanted’ to My Chemical Romance appearing in old man makeup and ‘Revenge’ era outfits, we look back at 10 of the biggest highlights from the day. Pierce The Veil’s Vic Fuentes tells us about performing ‘King For A Day’ with Kellin Quinn in the iconic suits from the music video, The Maine talk playing ‘Loved You A Little’ with Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazarra and Charlotte Sands and State Champs tell us about performing live with Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow. Plus, Palaye Royale’s hometown show, the return of the Trinity Of Terror and Avril Lavigne’s surprise Blink-182 cover with All Time Low.
Host: James Wilson-Taylor

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23 Responses

  1. Rock Sound says:

    Full playlist of interviews from WWWY right here: When We Were Young Festival 2022

  2. roger smith says:

    Relient k mxpx amberlin?

  3. I hope all these bands, I hope they all know they made some of our teenage years. Forever grateful to have grown up with these bands instead of what we have now

  4. Cody says:

    Gonna ignore that pierce the veil also brought Jeremy McKinnon on stage?

  5. Mad I missed it!hopefully next year

  6. Anurag Nair says:

    When Story of the year performed Until the day I die, I had goosebumps.

  7. Im not the biggest fan of any of this bands but it would be awesome to see Kellin with Pierce the Veil, and ofc Avril and Paramore classics are always great

  8. Why does this music have to be trendy or a phase? Stop cancelling great music because of this or that. Just enjoy what you enjoy and keep it all alive. Nothing is dead when it comes to music. Mozart, Beethoven and Bach are still fucking killing it!

  9. Growskull says:

    you couldn't pay me enough to attend that festival god damn

  10. Where's the one where it got cancelled Saturday???

  11. Ash Gorall says:

    Why the fuck didn’t anyone let me know glassjaw was playing 😩

  12. MCR w/ Vampires Will Never Hurt You???!!!?!?!
    are you SERIOUS, I'm glad you all finally got to hear it…

  13. Damn I wished I could've been there.😱😢😫

  14. From what I understand, MCRs portion went like this:
    MCR staring at a sign that says "MCR not welcome": this sign can't stop me cuz I can't READ

  15. I thought this got cancelled due to high winds.

  16. object says:

    this is so beautiful

  17. CJ TV says:

    BMTH?? 🥺🥺

  18. Brysonxd says:

    Pierce The Veil fucking killed it

  19. Nemo Bantay says:

    it sucks mike is no longer playing with pierce the veil

  20. Iffyish says:

    I'm so happy this was able to happen for you all. Always been just a little too young to afford the fun, but I'm rocking out with all the fellow fans in spirit, in my garage♡

  21. Micah Altaha says:

    Sad it took a tiktok trend for pierce the veil to get recognized

  22. Dj Steve Aoki?? Are you shitting me???

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