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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Watch the Ultra Europe 2019 Highlights Clip

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Thank you to everyone who joined us this year for another spectacular and historic edition of Ultra Europe!

See you next year — July 10.11.12 2020 at Park Mladeži

Limited tickets for Ultra Europe 2020 are available for purchase now at https://UltraEurope.com/tickets

Track: Steve Angello – Rejoice

Created by Final Kid


26 Responses

  1. VALKIRIA says:

    such a noise at 0:38, not cool

  2. J God says:

    a 3 day festival and you do a 43 second video of highlights… Im sad

  3. Where is Ultra Toronto?

  4. Eu to morando nos EUA tá sabendo?? l! Tem vídeo novo contando a minha vida na América 🇺🇸 Da uma moral, se inscreve e compartilha, obg!!


  5. Leandro Papu says:

    SHM 😭😭😭 very good ultra 🇦🇷🇦🇷 🇦🇷

  6. 0:30 Swedish House Mafia. 😍

  7. Wait What says:

    0:42 that was my crew’s sign

  8. Wait What says:

    Dj Chucky please

  9. TechnoFreak says:


  10. PastTime777 says:

    Draws a huge crowd but there are problems. They don't pay in Miami until called out on it. See articles.
    Lately, the DJs yell the same thing, "1 2, 3, 4, Everybody F**cking Jump." Hearing that over and over is getting old.

  11. GAJU says:

    Plz come my country. Ultra India.

  12. We would love to play in your festival. Call me. #I'mHotYou'reHot

  13. Any girl here 😉

  14. If the venue is so great as some of you are claiming, then why are video editors and cameramen ably avoiding showing the venue in its entirety? 🤔

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