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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Vegas @ Universo Paralello Festival #15 2019/2020 FULL VIDEO

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Vegas @ Universo Paralello Festival #15 2019/2020 FULL VIDEO

Apresentação gravada no Universo Paralello Festival no dia 01/01/2020 em Pratigi-Bahia-Brasil


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Video By Upaudiovisual


21 Responses

  1. Vegas Live says:

    Familia criei uma playlist com mais de 4 horas de Vegas para vcs no spotify ❤️ https://open.spotify.com/user/vegaslive/playlist/7J7QR3aVYU4YJvJlsyJ80J?si=9lCgWbs7RwWEW2uljTWpmQ

  2. Как же он кайфует)))))

  3. O bravo tem nome @vegas

  4. daniel D.R. says:

    cadê o

  5. hussien Ali says:

    I’m camping soon ☠️🔥

  6. EnergetiK says:

    The now is Perfect
    here i realize myself,
    i change my perception,
    I live the present without fear,
    I connect the mind to the heart.

    Think and feel go together,
    guiding the way,
    giving me reason,
    and the mind and body united,
    like dance and music, sound and vibration,

    that sound that invades my chest,
    it is love, respect and religion,
    peace starts from within,
    consciusness ist constantly expanding ,

    let me praise my belief,
    I have faith in utopia,
    uniting the ancestral root of the essence,
    science faith art, technology,

    We are the children of this ground,
    We thank him at this time,
    Planting Peace, love , unity and respect,

    The sound leads me out of time,
    The music runs through my veins,
    it doesn’t matter anymore that the judge us,
    every minute counts if u felt,

    and If we are here today,
    ts because music brought us together !!

  7. Sophia Peres says:

    Saudades de escutar esse mestre na pista 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. nat nat says:

    q video maravilhoso q energia maravilhosa q SAUDADEEEEE

  9. PELÁGIO YT says:

    E rave q fala né 🔥🇧🇷

  10. meri lopez says:

    Alguien save el nombre del DJ?

  11. kleitom 123 says:

    Pow só muito fã desse cara mano

  12. Lara Azeredo says:

    Na manhã do dia primeiro de janeiro, nos fazendo ficar de virote do ano novo (com aquela chuvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) até a hora do set. Saudades! <3

  13. yahya zoubi says:

    everytime feels like the first, iconic

  14. Meu Deus do seu quem é essa mulher com cabelo azul com tranças se pronincie por favor que mulher estilosa é essa

  15. i can't describe the mix, it is beyond everything I wish if I was there. will meet ya someday for sure

  16. Alguem sabe o que o vocal de Badegum fala?

  17. Quem veio depois do Flow

  18. Andrea Alves says:

    Me escondendo da pandemia na fazendinha, meio do mato, e curtindo esse MESTRE!!!! PQP PEY

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