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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ultra Music Festival Miami – 7UP Highlights – Day 1

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7UP Highlights from ultra Music Festival Miami Day 1.

Music: Twoloud Vs Danny Avila – Rock The Place


24 Responses

  1. It's weird that the intro song is dubstep, but Ultra is always just house music XD

  2. UMF miami 2015 see you there

  3. Name of the song at the beginning ? 

  4. VYNL says:

    We want ASOT 650 AFTERMOVIE

  5. Already can't wait for next year!

  6. jotalink says:

    who are the guys of the end of this video? tx 😉

  7. Blu-TSX says:

    Please another after-move. 1-2 hours this time!!!!!

  8. taki typ says:

    hey UMF, why dont you upload the epic highlights that were played during the broadcasts? the ones that include Marc Lawrence – Beautiful (Electrocisum Remix). they were epic. way better than the 7up ones. we seriously need those. the day1 was amazing. the one with a drop when a drummer hit one of the drums with his stick. SICK!

  9. oxDessyxo says:

    so excited for festival season yei ;3

  10. I don't care ..
    I want the number 1 dj in the world

  11. Dan Reay says:

    does anyone know the song from the longer highlight reel they played Friday night and Saturday morning? it was like 3 minutes long instead of this one that is only 55 seconds or whatever…?  anyone?

  12. Zomboy was one of the best!!!

  13. Up UMF !!! Miami 🙂

  14. music says:

    facebook.**/tomiciimusic check out my mixes* 🙂

  15. This year a faster aftermovie upload please!

  16. MrEnvyus01 says:

    if anyone watch the highlights after day 1 and day 2 right after the live show, what was the song playing during the highlight reel?

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