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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ultra Music Festival 2019 – Live Arena Video

This year’s BRAND NEW Live Arena will be an incredible experience revamped and customized for live music and instrumentation!

If you enjoyed our MegaStructure, we’re sure you’ll love this…

FEATURING (in alphabetical order) —
deadmau5 (cube 3.0 worldwide debut)
Frank Walker LIVE
G Jones
Gigantic NGHTMRE
Infected Mushroom
Louis The Child
Sam Feldt LIVE
Tom Morello

and more…
Tickets for Ultra Music Festival 2019 are almost SOLD OUT!

Don’t miss out and act now before it’s too late…



39 Responses

  1. Outer Plays says:

    G Jones. hell yeah

  2. Kishore S says:

    What is the.music?

  3. nosleep 12 says:

    Dead mou cinco <3

  4. burning elmo says:

    Me ready for jauz

  5. ZHR says:

    cool video bro

  6. I.H.N studio says:

    where is marshmallo???😢😢

  7. Ultra Música Perú ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  8. Bryan Wilzz says:

    Odio ser pobre :'v

  9. Anyone here from Miami?

  10. LeaksSoReal says:

    I can't believe I'm going!

  11. 34 days left, people

  12. We Need Skrillex on mainstage Not the fakesmokers

  13. ELS Music says:

    2019 Best festival!

  14. Deadmau5 deadmau5 deadmau5

  15. Kelvin Kuang says:

    Illenium – Crawed Outta Love(The Glitch Mob remix)

    Speaking of which, illenium made it to ultra :v

  16. VanMusic says:

    wow tom morello!!

  17. 0:41 les faltó algo me refiero que estén resaltados.

  18. favian pc says:

    Avicii 😫😭

  19. Gojira 2019 says:

    after Miami now in Mexico this spring 2019 please i am Mexican

    we want to marshmello and skrillex

  20. Bit Ray says:

    Hi, my name is Bit Ray. Recommend cooking pancakes with honey. My instagram Bitxray.

  21. Woow DJ henpon Systeem Masuk Ultra Miami??? Are you sure????

  22. welcome here brazil

  23. Vic Germain says:

    Ultra will be sick , new location , stacked lineup on everystage , it will be insane!

  24. Void says:

    THis is gonna be one hell of an Ultra milestone!

  25. Leo_M_H10 says:

    worst lineup ever

  26. ChrisEli7e says:

    Illenium feat. Annika Wells – Crawl Outta Love (Glitch Mob Remix)

  27. Jad AbiNahed says:

    looks at price of tickets (375$)

    I'm in

  28. Where’s skrillex😢

  29. Live Ultra Austrália?

  30. Simon Mobile says:

    k?d would be awesome

  31. antsbchill says:

    I really hope they have a plan to get us on and off Virginia Key without a complete Clusterfuck . There is basically only one way in or out on the Rickenbacker causeway. Ultra speak up if you hear me. No I'm not buying a 150$ ferry pass.

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